Synology USB Station 2, you were hard to fight
Jan 18, 2014
3 minutes read

Hello journal,

I just bought a Synology USB station 2, quite a NAS but designed to work with USB external drives instead of standards NAS ones.

I was looking for a NAS and at the same time was struggling with my datas scattered between my several machines particularly when moving, then I found this piece of hardware. This is a low-end NAS with not that much memory, CPU and so on, but it fitted the need of using external drives I could keep with me when traveling.

I didn’t know anything about NAS before buying one, so I was a bit afraid about not being able to master it like I wanted to. This is what I needed to get it work:

  • Synology NAS USB Station 2
  • SAMSUNG external hard drive of 500Go (I don’t have that much of datas)
  • A USB stick of 4 Go

First, I have to be clear: for a total newbie, it’s quite a device: you plug it, it works, nothing else. I was also really amazed with all those configurations even if on this version you only can set rights per partition and not per folder, but heh, it’s less than 100$ and I knew it as I read it in comments before buying.

Something I didn’t know was that it’s not eligible to DSM4 (the new version of Synology’s OS) which had some features I really wanted, so it was quite a disapointment at this point. Luckily some great people made an alternative firmware based on the original one, called Itolosa. I installed it… Okay at this point…


This firmware grants access to IPKG a package manager for Synology’s products (now Synology provides its own, but know what? You must be DSM4 eligible). Then I began installing what I was looking for but: no space left.


But know what? There’s an app for that! No, I joke, I got a solution, you can move IPKG installation to a seperate device and I chose to do so with the USB stick previously mentionned. Here is the method.

I was able to install more things that I thought I could and I’m really happy with it! Totally worth it even if yes, it’s not as quick as a real NAS would be but it fit my needs and know what…. Silence, there isn’t any fan, the only mecanics are from the hard drive, this is perfect.

So, conclusion:

  • It’s not shitty hardware at all, I think people who posted really negative comments on Amazon forgot that it’s not a real NAS, it works with external drives, small CPU and so on.
  • Speed rates are correct, I didn’t bench it but I can watch 1080p videos stored on it from my TV without any lag.
  • Totally worth it if, like me, you’re never home and you’re looking for cheap and nomad solution.
  • Definitely not what you’re looking for if you want 4 bays, with RAID, astonishing transfer rates, fine grain permissions definitions and so on, but know what, it’s under 100$ so…

happy ending

Amike, – Martin

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