Sparkleshare with GitLab, easy win
Aug 5, 2014
2 minutes read

I recently looked for a way to share files between multiple people and computers, and then I remembered someone talking about Sparkleshare… So I tried it.

Sparkles share is not simply another cloud file sharing application like Dropbox, Google drive… It is built upon Git, and therefore comes with two really interesting things built-in for free:

  • Support for versionning
  • Easy deployment

All you need, server side is a Git repository, that’s all!

At first I tried to follow instructions about dazzle to get a project created server side but shamely I didn’t success in this ( I have to admit that I didn’t push into further investigations). And then I think: But, why am I even trying to do this? I already have a Gitlab instance! And there it was; I just created a new repository and that’s all, everything is working out of the box.

So, my review is that it is quite great tool. It works smoothly, without any struggle on the server or the clients. It supports encryption client-side, all you have to do is to name your repository following the repoName-crypto pattern and encryption is there. You have diffs on you Gitlab so that you can see which changes have been introduced by who and so on. The only Maybe missing thing is that it doesn’t support other permissions system than the one provided by your Git repository host. But, Heh, it is so simple and effective…

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