Pdflatex docker image
May 16, 2015
1 minute read

Dear journal,

Today I worked on having a pdflatex docker image. I was bored to have to always install all the texlive suite plus the texlive extras to have something properly working. I took a look at what’s available and found some pretty cool docker images like this one. Problem was that it is unable to load external resources as the folder you can mount was only used for output purpose. Thus, you cannot import images in your document and so on, which is quite annoying sometimes.

So, here is my pdflatex image that is basically only a slightly small modification of the other one but that I also use the output folder as a resource one. So if you need to load external resources during pdflatex build all you have to do is to put those resources in the same output folder and they will be taken into account:

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/output erwyn/pdflatex document.tex

That’s all! – Amike

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