Mails, you're so boring to get working correctly
Dec 14, 2013
2 minutes read

As our markdown transformation project is on a good way, we needed to buy a domain name and get a server for our development activities.

One thing we wanted to deploy first are the mailing lists, crucial tool for communication within the team and with interested people. But the point that I forgot, because I didn’t deploy mail services for a bit, is how it can be boring to get the mails no to go directly in the spam folder. So here is a quick memo of how to do it right:

  • Configure reverse DNS so that the IP adress of your server reflect the correct domain name according to your mail configration.
  • Check that your hostname in the configuration file of postfix is correct regarding the mail server.
  • Have a MX record in your DNS that point on your server.
  • Correctly setup the SPF field of your DNS to reflect the state of your mail infrastructure.
  • Add a DKIM field to your DNS if you’re willing to send mails containing pictures and don’t want your users to have to click on this “display pictures” thing.

One last thing, configuration is boring cause it is tight to DNS configuration propagation which can take up to 48hours. Hopefully, there is a service called check auth verifier which can help you, all you have to do is to send him your mails, and it will tell you what is done right, what isn’t:


That’s all!

– Amike, Martin

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